Roblox Mobile Keyboard Script: automatically launch Mobile Keyboard

This roblox script is universal, it is suitable for many games. This script has a function like: Mobile Keyboard, it will automatically launch Mobile Keyboard.

How to Use Roblox Mobile Keyboard Script? 

The process of using the Roblox Mobile Keyboard Script is pretty simple.
Those who don’t know the process must follow the steps written below:

  • First, download a trusted Roblox exploit on your Mobile and PC. (I advise you to download Arceus X and KRNL for Mobile and PC, respectively)
  • Once you have successfully downloaded and installed a Roblox exploit, open Roblox and launch IceHub Script.
  • Once opened, copy an Roblox Mobile Keyboard Script from the above-mentioned ones and wait until the GUI window appears on the screen.
  • Once appeared, click on the ‘Inject/Execute’ button.
  • Now, paste the copied script and enable the feature you want.
Roblox Mobile Keyboard Script
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